Bear for iPhone

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Bear for iPhone by Shiny Frog di Matteo Rattotti e C. S.N.C. is latest unique app for writers and note-takers.  Bear looks rather simple on the surface but has several powerful beneficial features and the themes are downright attractive making writing even more fun for global users.

In terms of design, Bear is attractive and one of the quality writing apps introduced for sake of international users. Like most other writing apps, Bear is includes three parts namely as the Sidebar on the left, the Notes List in the middle, and the Editor on the right. Amazingly the developers do offer a free trial period with the annual subscription an entire free month, so international app users can give it a nice test drive before deciding.

Bear for iPhone

Most important thing that Bear does differently than all of the other familiar writing apps is that it uses Apple’s CloudKit and it does not actually use folders.  When international users develop a tag in Bear, all you need to do is put it in this syntax: “#tag” without the quotation marks, and they can be anywhere.

 note can have as many tags as international users require it to, and when a new tag is developed, it describes up in the sidebar instantly. Another beneficial feature of Bear is the fact that users could link to notes within notes, kind of like a wiki.

The professional developers illustrate that this is good feature when you need simply moving between multiple notes in a project, requiring explaining something in more than one note, or even developing a choose-your-own-adventure type of story.

Bear for iPhone

It even effectively works in both the Notes and Trash sections, in case users have to search a note that you trashed earlier and like to recover. The app also has a “pin” feature so international users could pin vital notes to the top of the list and have them readily available when you need them.