Beams for iPhone

by Nov 21, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Beams for iPhone by Appsolute Games LLC and Hellstorm Studios are minimalistic puzzle game that would put your brain to work with simple game concept. If people enjoyed games like Puzzlepops and Twisted Lines, then you will appreciate what Beams brings to the world of puzzle games.

When you speak of visuals, Beams features a super minimal aesthetic that greatly appeal to the fans of minimalism. The game is so easy where the beams are fairly thin lines of light, and there are circles of light that could actively pulsate and send signals to other respective nodes.

Beams for iPhone

The players also come across other basic geometric objects, relatively as dashed lines, rectangles that block your path, and even special triangles. The game comprises just two colors namely a solid black background with subtle moving lights and relevant bluish white for the beams themselves.

The animations are fluid with soothing atmospheric soundtrack. Like all other popular puzzle games, Beams is level-based and simply features 60 stages so far. The global players will have to go through them in chronological order, though, so users can’t freely play whatever level you’d wish without completing the one you are presently on.

The key objective of the game is simple enough where users require to send a signal from existing light nodes so that they travel through the connecting beams and primarily light up the empty nodes that are along the path.

Beams for iPhone

The controls in Beams are easy and for sending the signal of light out, the players could just tap on one of the larger nodes and watch the light travel along the beams. It is illustrated that once all of the nodes are lit up with light, then players have successfully completed the stage. In some cases if a signal gets blocked somehow, or you make error, then the level resets and users have to start again.