Baum for iPhone

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Baum for iPhone by A Fox Wot I Drew is the popular physics-based puzzle game that simply challenges the player to guide a droplet of water through twisting thorn patches and cascading branches, using the power of wind. If users have enjoyed relaxing games like Prune, then Baum could be worth checking out.

When it comes to mobile games, one of the popular genres is puzzles, specifically when physics are involved. These are just amazing way to relax after a long day and it actually helps global users to unwind and pass the time in a flash.  To speak of visual effects the Baum is attractive.

Baum for iPhone

The artwork in the game makes to immensely think of nature paintings, due to the quality use of color, brushstrokes, and blurry effects to make it feel like a dreamscape. All of the levels in this game of Baum for iPhone look rich in texture and detail.

The ambient and atmospheric soundtrack is calm and it really goes along perfectly with the popular theme of the title. In Baum, the players are tasked with bringing water to the Tree of Life so that it could become actively nourished and flourish once again. This is accurately done by helping droplets of water through branches with the power of wind, which is easy said than done.

The game is generally split up into different times of the day, with each section having handful of levels that are described by the hour. Like most other famous puzzle games, Baum actively uses a three-medal system, in which global players could earn numerous medals for meeting few level requirements.Baum for iPhone

For going to the next available level, the players must clear the previous one with at least one medal for absolute completion. The controls in Baum are simple and intuitive. The droplet could stick to most surfaces and roll along them as well, which is nice to avoid baleful hazards like thorns.