Asymmetric for iPhone

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Asymmetric for iPhone by Klemens Strasser is a puzzle game that will thrill your heartstrings. If global users have enjoyed games like Stay, Mum and Love You to Bits, then you will certainly enjoy what Asymmetric offers to the players.

The levels are hard enough, and the coins are effective reward that can’t be bought, so it’s refreshing and true skill test of user’s mental prowess. When you speak of visually the game of Asymmetric features exclusive aesthetic that would attract global fans of minimalist design.

Asymmetric for iPhone

The game has color palette that includes of whites, grays, blacks, and splashes of color that provide a nice contrast with the background tones. Asymmetric also features an atmospheric and delightful piano soundtrack that is composed by Stefan Putzinger. It is amazing to listen to while you play. It is also noted that the move counter does not go down if both characters are stuck and unable to move in the opposite direction of your swipe.

Like other familiar puzzle games, Asymmetric is level-based. The game has 6 different chapters with total of 66 levels to go through 12 in each except the first one, where you have only six. In order to unlock a chapter, the players will have to clear at least nine stages in the previous one, but users could access any level in a chapter as you like.

The key goal of the game is easy where players had to get Groopert and Groopine with their relevant goal points green circle from the starting point blue circle. The controls in Asymmetric are intuitive, but players require little time to master. Each level provides you a limited amount of moves, so international users have to think carefully about the most quality way to get to the goal.

Asymmetric for iPhone

Once players get both Groopert and Groopine to their proper destination, then the level is complete. Apart from this users get awarded coins depending on how many moves were left by the actual time you completed it.