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This popular app according to me offers a platform to permit users and teams to work on several projects while keeping in communication with each other. Through numerous tools respectively as a wiki and shared files, the team environment could remain apprised of the requirements of a project regardless of where members are located. Eventually it means that an individual in Washington could remain hugely productive with a coding team member residing in New York.

As far as I am concerned there are several beneficial key features. Tickets could be created and controlled by the project leader in order to develop a seamless development. Moreover these tickets could be directly assigned to individuals, present a specific priority, include specific files that are required to complete the ticket and numerous other settings to optimize the collaboration of the project. In addition within the ticket system, Assembla provides the strong ability to connect to Google Docs in order to share files that are utilized within that online storage method.


As in other code hosting sites, Assembla provides a wiki for individual projects that members could use. This offer a beneficial way of communicating the process of any specific project as it could be qualitatively edited with every bit of details that is conducive to their development. The commands for the wiki also permit for global users to directly print forms or convert pages to PDF for other purposes.

Assembla provides a forum to developers which are used as a platform for team communications. The messages within this area could be directly linked to tickets, wiki pages and actual coding enumerating greater web of informational sharing. This also offers a method in which leaders could monitor and approve team communications in order to reduce several inappropriate or confusing posts that are contradictory to the performance of the group. Assembla is a web-based application permitting virtually any computer with Internet access to use the services. Even mobile apps are also available for Anroid and iOS devices.

When compared to other apps the code hosting applications center on the coding itself but Assembla is more focused towards the management of those projects in order to provide qualitative interactivity and communication. The passionate developers could add code, files and more details in order to increase the capabilities of the team. There are many alternative applications which don’t offer such in-depth communications. It is able to integrate repositories from several other sites enabling the team to have those platforms connected to the project as well.


Assembla provides a limited free account for two members, on project and 500MB of storage space. Various capabilities are provided through membership accounts. To my knowledge this Assembla provides beneficial aspects in many ways. They provide integrated method to connect to several repositories while offering a platform for communication in order to develop a project. Many code hosting sites do not provide such facilities when it comes to sharing information. The development of the wiki, tickets and forum are immensely simplistic and could assist anyone develop a detailed solution for sharing quality information.