Alto Mail for Android

by Apr 19, 2016Android App Reviews0 comments

In a recent development the popular firm of AOL has professionally announced with a new Android app to control multiple inboxes with a lucrative interface and some merit oriented features for all passionate app users. It is also affirmed that Alto Mail for Android professionally supports AOL, Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud and other email accounts.

In addition viewing your inboxes, the international app users could also look through ‘stacks’ of all the attachments you’ve received or scroll through all the apt images in your emails. This naturally works very well when users trying to search that elusive PDF or require locating a photo from a while back. Both stacks are presently available in the compose window too and make it simple to send attachments you’ve received without having to download them first.

Alto Mail for Android

Stacks could also help you search other kinds of messages instantly, respectively as categories like finance, social, travel and shopping. The app users could also develop their own stacks to actively group messages, photos and respective files from a group of senders. The users could include their email addresses so that this familiar Alto Mail for Android app would put all their email and attachments in one place.

Alto Mail for Android also surfaces key details from your emails and enumerates them in easy-to-read cards, such as flight info and hotel bookings. These beneficial features reside in the dashboard, which lines them up in order. So if you’re anticipating a gift that day, you would see your shipping date details ahead of other cards.

Alto Mail for Android

Though handling Email is simple, but now, we’re faced with a flood of messages arriving in multiple inboxes. It’s getting difficult to manage, creating more stress than it relieves. The users could add all your mail accounts to their app and you could view everything in one place, including Gmail,, AOL Mail, Yahoo!, iCloud, and others. So eventually this popular Alto Mail for Android comes in handy way.