AlphaPit for iPhone

by Jun 21, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

AlphaPit for iPhone developed by Shane McCafferty is a new word game with a twist. If you are passionate about word games but are tired of the usual fare, then AlphaPit is one you should play with joy. Moreover it’s from the same developer as Word Forward, which was familiar game from two years ago.

With respect to terms of visuals, AlphaPit looks sharp for a word game. The passionate players are greeted with a minimalistic aesthetic that works well. The quality graphics look flat like most games and there’s a bit more depth to it due to the immense ability to change the letter tiles. The quality pinstripe gray background assists to make the colored letter tiles stand out nicely, which also “pop” out with the shadows and slight 3-D appearance.

AlphaPit for iPhone

It’s simple to tell when letters are selected due to the colored outlines, and the typeface utilized in the game is easy-to-read. The lucrative animations are smooth and fluid despite the subtlety, and things are made amazing with a techno EDM soundtrack. They are actually refreshing to view this, specifically in the word game category.

The popular AlphaPit features levels that one must solve before moving on to the next. In addition the initial free game download comprises 200 puzzles, which is a ton of content for exclusive entertainment. With this eminent app of AlphaPit they are actually free game and have no in-app purchases. You could replenish your supply of power-up items to solve puzzles by watching ads.

AlphaPit for iPhone

It’s nice to view this, though, so it requires skill and patience to finish the game. In this game there are actually no points to score or time limits to worry about, so users could just focus on finding words to spell or figuring out new words with the tools you have.