Alchademy for iPhone

by Oct 22, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Alchademy for iPhone by Apps-O-Rama is a casual game about mixing ingredients by satisfying the relevant curiosity. If users like to feel like a witch brewing few concoctions just in time for Halloween, then Alchademy would be exact time killer that provide users with entertainment this holiday season.

Visually Alchademy is attractive and game is filled with original graphics that have a cartoonish charm to experience. They are exhibited in a graphic novel of sorts. The alchemists that users unlock have their own distinctive outfits and sounds, which are soothing to listen to when you poke around on the screen.

Alchademy for iPhone

The colors used in Alchademy range from bright hues to colder and darker tones. The cauldron also has gems along the side that actively indicate the potency of the ingredients you are mixing. The color of the brew is also a sign of quality results. The animations are fluid as users choosing right ingredients.

This interesting game is all about combining ingredients to create new things and rinse. If you have any sense of curiosity, the users would be interested to know what weird things can come out from this popular game.

Whether users make a new ingredient, or creation, you’ll be awarded some gold coins after each quality combination. You can share your success and get another 100 coins for free. In addition there are ample opportunities to watch a video ad for coins. The game provides players good opportunities to get coins, including popping bubbles while waiting for the mix to finish.

Alchademy for iPhone

There are also purple gems, which are the premium currency, and users could use these to purchase new recipe books with various alchemists to spice things up. In certain cases gems can be given by popping those bubbles and possible to convert gold coins to gems. It’s one of those games that would make international users come regularly to play.