Aircall for iOS

by Jul 1, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

The popular Aircall just launched their mobile apps on iOS and Android out of beta. Aircall for iOS allows you to generate virtual numbers in many countries around the world and share these numbers with the rest of your team so that multiple people can use the same number.

The firm announced the first beta of its mobile app and the startup is bringing all the core beneficial features of the service to its mobile apps. This latest Aircall is quite good when it comes to customer support.Aircall for iOS

With the new mobile apps, Aircall customers could receive or make VoIP calls directly on their phone without having to be tied to their desk. When compared to other customer support software, Aircall already doesn’t require any proprietary hardware and effectively utilizes a software-as-a-service model.

Moreover Aircall effectively allows you to share contacts and schedules, assign calls to specific team members and track exactly what’s happening. It’s a quality way to know whether your coworkers have dealt with a client already. In addition when someone is calling in, Aircall simply allows you to assign first-line support. If no one is available, Aircall would seamlessly ring other team members.

Altogether customers have been asking for integration with CRM, such as Salesforce, and customer support services, respectively as Zendesk. Aircall hooks up with these beneficial services and a bunch of others. And with today’s new mobile apps, it adds more flexibility for existing Aircall customers.

Aircall for iOS

Aircall is phone support made simple. You could get phone numbers instantly among 40 countries. It is possible to redirect calls across your team, in the order you like and with a professional welcome. Allow your team make and receive calls on their existing devices (PC, smartphone). You can be more productive on calls and share the follow-up within the team. Aircall allows any firm to set up their professional lines in seconds.