Advantages of ProofHub and How You Can Make Full Use Of It

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ProofHub is a task management system and project management software that allows you to collect all of your thoughts and ideas in one place. You can use tasks, to-do lists, and notes to capture important information so you don’t have to remember it all.

ProofHub’s testimonial page is jam-packed with feedback from satisfied customers from a diverse range of businesses. It has over 85,000 clients, which include NASA, Disney, and Nike.

One Place for All Your Projects and Team Collaboration – Important Features

  • Make tasks, subtasks, and comments.
  • Make a to-do list and take notes.
  • Set start and end dates to define task deadlines by adding reminders and events to your calendar.
  • Include time estimates to hold teams accountable.
  • Provides a wealth of features in a single location.
  • There is no per-user fee.
  • Project managers have complete control over their teams and projects, which simplifies project management and improves team collaboration.
  • Teams of any size and from any industry can use it.
  • There is little to no learning curve.

What Makes ProofHub So Unique

The tasks view in ProofHub allows you to create multiple task lists, fill them with tasks, and further divide them with checklists of subtasks. This allows you to specify the structure of your projects. You might want to make a list for each team member or make lists for different goals or periods.

By clicking a circle on each task, you can change its status. They begin with the status “null,” which does not immediately convey what the status button does.

When you click the button, the circles change to “to-do” and “done,” which makes more sense, but it’s not the best way to check off tasks we’ve seen.

The calendar view allows you to plan your time by displaying tasks, events, and milestones for the upcoming month. You have the option of viewing everything or just what has been assigned to you or another team member.

Final Thoughts

ProofHub has great features to offer. It’s simple to make tasks and lists, and it has a plethora of views and features. Their communication tools are excellent, and their file sharing is also qualitative.

Web App: ProofHub