Advantage of Pen Testing

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Frequent IT penetration tests will identify security holes in your network that hackers can utilize to perform a cyberattack. The question that you need to ponder today is whether your system can efficiently stop a modern-day hacker or not.

If you haven’t tested your IT infrastructure, then you may be in trouble. It would be best if you didn’t assume that the security measures that you have in place are already enough to stop cybercrimes and never rely on intuition for these kinds of things.

Many companies today may believe that they are safe from malicious cyber threats. However, some don’t have any evidence at all to back-up their claims. This is where pen testing comes into play, as it’s a reliable tool that provides reports on your business’s overall security. You may wonder what penetration testing is and how you can implement this in your system. If so, then you are on the right page.

All About Penetration Testing

IT penetration tests are a systematic process of white hackers going into your system and exposing many vulnerabilities. They are diving into various vantage points to know any weak spots in your entire infrastructure.

They will use internal and external attacks on your apps, intranets, servers, mobile devices, web apps, network devices, and other points on where black hat hackers may target. After hacking the entire system, they will generate comprehensive reports and recommend steps to add security to your system. This is a useful method if you want to know the following:

  • Discover new threats and be up-to-date with the current malware circulating today.
  • Create or update a new intranet for the business
  • You were recently attacked by ransomware or adware
  • Want to relocate to a new network of office

Some of the Things Being Performed are

Network – The techs will find any vulnerability present in your network devices and host network and ensure that they fix this in no time. Know more about securing your devices and networks from hackers on this site here.

Web Apps – This will find security holes and weak spots in your software and applications

Social Engineering – This will ensure that your employees follow company procedures; this prevents phishing and other cyber threats present on the internet today.

Wireless – This is used to identify possible hotspots in your wifi network, checking whether you are vulnerable to attacks and if you have a higher chance of compromising your overall business emails.

Some of the tests that the IT people can perform are the following:

Blind – This is to simulate the real attackers out there who would want to gather as much info as they can about your company. This will emulate the attackers since they will be attacking without adequate information, and they are going to attempt the hacking without any additional info provided.

Internal – They will stimulate any disgruntled employee who will attempt stealing information from your company or who would want to try wreaking havoc into your infrastructure.

External – They will try stimulating an attacker who would want to launch an attack against your firewall, web servers, email servers, and visible DNS to steal customers’ credit cards and private information.

Double-Blind – They stimulate real attackers who are unaware that the company is being attacked. The penetration testing will give no information about the company but won’t also notify the company that it’s being attacked.

Advantages to Know

The method helps identify weak spots in your antivirus, security policies, and firewall. Some of the advantages to enjoy are the following:

Revealing any Vulnerabilities to Your System

These tests are well-known for revealing weaknesses in a specifically targeted environment. By the end of it all, you can receive a detailed report about any problematic access points, improvements you need to do on your hardware and software and refining your overall security. Read more about improving your security here:

Know the Methods of Hackers

One of the goals of the tests is to know the methods used by hackers. You’ll have an idea of how they are exploiting various vulnerabilities and see how they act in real-time. You understand how they can steal valuable information and get into your system without you being aware of it.