3nder for iOS

by May 25, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

3nder for iOS is one of the beneficial apps which is introduced for benefit of global app users. This app is specially designed for curious open minded singles and couples around you. The app is all about feeling comfortable with your curiosity about interesting things.

You could get your lovely matches and start exchanging photos with amazing messages. It is also possible to create group chats with the matches you already have. There is also another handy feature which is called Curiosity, it actually tells you who already liked you, and so you never miss a match. With users you could also hide from friends with Incognito Mode or lock the app with Passcode and TouchID.

3nder for iOS

After being around for more than two years on iOS to assist  facilitate threesomes for more than a million users, the app is professionally gearing up to launch on Android this month. The beneficial features of this app satisfy all requirements of users. It perfectly works for couples and singles. There are no real names. You could easily hide from Facebook friends. It is also possible to exchange ephemeral photos. One could easily create group chats. Also you could know when someone liked you. Moreover there is no advertising.

The app is free to download and use. They also provide optional subscription package, called Majestic Membership. With proper use of Incognito Mode to hide from Facebook friends who might be using 3nder, the users are benefited from many aspects. .They could lock with TouchID and Passcode.

3nder for iOS

The users could come up with your Imaginary Name, so they don’t have to use your real one. Nothing would be shared on your Facebook wall or whatever. When you sign up they could actually use an imaginary name, just in case if users are not happy with their real one. Eventually this familiar app of 3nder for iOS would certainly satisfy all needs of users.