Step up and upgrade your lock screen into a whole new level. Rocket is a new way of securing your phone. The rocket will bring you to the world outside and makes you see the wonders of the space. With just a slide on your device, you can now secure your phone from unwanted intruders.

Rocket is a simply navigated screen lock. With its colorful background, it can catch your attention plus it will serve as a lock screen background of your phone. It is offered for free exclusively in android, it will make you enjoy a new way of opening your phone.

Upon downloading the app, you can set it to apply a phone lock, activate the notification for your phone. You can also add a password for any intruders who will invade your privacy. And when you opened it, the rocket I there is waiting for you to swipe up to go to the sun. Aside from that, you can have a unique password for your phone no matter how long it is.



1. Animated background

· With its animated background, we can step our phone lock into a whole new level. In just a swipe, you can have an interesting background that fits your cellphone screen.

2. Beautiful design

· A cute design for your phone. If you are tired of the system lock, Rocket screen lock changes the gameplay. We are used to swiping our screens to the left or right to open the game, but with rocket, we need to swipe the rocket up to open the phone.

3. Pin lock

· You can set a private lock for your phone. You don’t need to worry if someone wants to borrow your phone. You don’t need to worry about your apps or your gallery. You’re secret is safe with us.

4. Custom lock

With it’s easy to navigate the application, you can change your lock and time, anywhere. Rocket screen lock takes care about your private matters and makes sure that your phone is safe from other users.

Having a good smartphone means a great screen lock which secures your privacy. Rocket screen lock is easy and smooth screen lock app. By guiding the rocket to the sun, your screen will unlocked. The best about this is the smoothness and easiness in using the app.

The animated rocket is too good and can be set according to the preference of the user. This app is for those who doesn’t want to waste some effort to unlock the screen or want to just tap the screen and it will be unlocked


Lock screens like this is a great help for users. Sometimes, it can even drain the battery easily, but with Rocket that is not the case. It has a smooth interface plus it is doesn’t eat the battery that much. The problem is that, it is only suited for small phones. It lags with tablets and probably bigger phones. Over call, let’s make this cute lock screen the benefit of the doubt since it’s free.

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AntiSocial – Android App Review

AntiSocial – Android App Review

There are a lot of people who can’t seem to stay away from their Smartphones for even just a few minutes. They are either texting, listening to music even at the detriment of the jobs they have to do. If you are one of those people who is addicted to his or her Smartphone and you have tried every means possible to get rid of that behavior, then the Antisocial Android app is what you require. It provides in-depth reports and comprehensive scoring systems that allow you to monitor your interactions and activities all day long so that you can focus better on more important things.

What is the antisocial android app?

This is an app that helps you to keep track of the amount of time you spend listening to music, texting, time devoted to social media and it even provides you with the capacity to make comparisons of you phone usage with other people who utilize the app all around the globe.

This app is ideal for people who seem to get carried away when using their Smartphones that they forget to do other things. This antisocial Android app helps in offering a solution to that.


Features of the antisocial android app

The antisocial Android app comes with a lot of outstanding features for users. Some of the features provided by this app include;

– Provides a chart that monitors your daily activities;

The antisocial app comes with a complete chart that monitors your activities on a daily basis and gives you your results later so you can see for yourself what apps you spend time on the most.

– It monitors all your interactions;

The app helps in monitoring all the activities you carry out on your phone, be it texting, listening to music among others so you can observe the activities that take up your time.


– It provides a comprehensive scoring method;

The antisocial app provides a scoring system that is in-depth which serves as a form of challenge for users as everyone would make efforts to attain higher scores.

– Allows you compare your usage stats with other users;

The app lets you compare your Smartphone usage with other users on the app, so you have an idea on the improvements you are making or if you need to adjust.

– Allows users to block specific applications;

The antisocial app offers users the ability to block certain applications that are consuming their time for specific periods, to aid in helping them break the addiction.

Pros of the antisocial app

The antisocial app offers users with the following benefits;

– Helps users monitor their daily activities and interactions

– Provides comprehensive reports

– Shows brand new ways to help users battle addiction

– It is easy to use

– Statistics are not difficult to understand

– Helps users in setting limits for themselves


– There have been no complaints about the usage of this app yet.

Final Verdict

For users who plan on battling the addiction to their Smartphone as regards usage, this is the easiest and most comprehensive app to utilize that provides you with brand new ways to do just that.

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Corgi for Feedly

Corgi for Feedly

In this modern day technology as you expect, writing technology news and managing a team of writers is hard criteria. It also means keeping up with anything that happens is vital part of their job. So avoiding this menace Corgi for Feedly would adversely satisfies all requirements in benefit of users.

What this means is that app users need easy way to stay in touch with anything that happens across a day and simple way to view a roundup of everything that happened overnight. Corgi for Feedly has become so familiar among all passionate users.

Corgi for AndroidIn nutshell all users prefer this Corgi for Android. Among many lock screen apps which are available for Android devices it generally tend to focus on your notifications look like, deliver playlists, access several services or add power features. Whereas this quality app strongly focuses on simplicity and keeping you informed about the latest news.

Moreover it aptly plugs straight into Feedly to permit you to customize the news you view by category. It also allow you import all your Feedly lists. It is also being able to scan through your quality Feedly list straight from your lock screen is extremely handy to someone who checks an overview of the news several times a day.

Moreover the users could pick only view updates on your lock screen from specific Feedly subscriptions if your list is overwhelming nature. It also qualitatively supports illustrating items from your Instagram feed from all or people you follow.

Corgi for Android

Once installed, Corgi aptly permits you to swipe up to read the article it presents, or you could swipe to the left to browse to other articles. In addition to simply unlock the phone, you just swipe right. And as you’re interestingly reading, if a given article is truncated by the publisher, you could launch a browser in the app to read the whole story. You’re also able to utilize Corgi for Feedly to share stories on social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+.


Pokemon GO for Android

Pokemon GO for Android

If you haven’t heard by now, Pokemon GO for Android is taking over the world. They are considered as the most familiar mobile game in recent history. The augmented reality-based app has people out searching their neighborhoods while on the hunt for Pokemon.

It is sometimes even searching things other than Nintendo’s creatures. This popular game is turning out to be massive hit that its global users are much satisfied. Interestingly in order for people in countries where the game isn’t officially available yet, some global users have started sharing the app’s APK files directly.Pokemon GO for Android

If you did happen to download the app’s APK directly, it doesn’t assure you have the malware version. Moreover it actually increases the risk since side-loading bypasses Android’s security that blocks the installation of unverified third-party apps. So it’s best to just wait and get your apps from official sources, like your device’s app store, even if it allows you go out and catch Pokemon in the real world.

This Pokemon game has been released in a number of regions around the world and has already been grabbing at headlines. Pokemon GO is an augmented reality game based around flicking Pokemon Balls at monsters in order to capture and add them to your valuable collection. The players locate a Pokemon monster on a live map and must travel to where it is.Pokemon GO for Android

Once they are close to the monster, it appears on their screen and permits them to capture it. It is simple to pick up but certainly difficult to complete. The cities and countries around the world are already experiencing amazing wave of unaware Pokemon GO players heading to specific locations chasing a virtual monster, with some countries issuing key statements asking passionate players to look at where they are going, particularly when crossing the street.


Lollicam for Android

Lollicam for Android

It would be really difficult question to answer that when will teens get tired of taking selfies? Probably never given myriad ways that they could augment what nature gave them thanks to powerful smartphone in their pocket. Lollicam for Android is one of the popular kinds of mobile apps which make users satisfied in all means.

Moreover keeping younger users engaged and communications flowing is priority number one for all social platform giants. It actually means that they are coming up with a pipeline of new beneficial features to fuel continued use. And that actually lead to startups with innovative mobile video-augmenting tools is prime targets for acquisition.

Lollicam for Android

Seerslab is the maker of the mobile video editing app Lollicam. An exit to a larger entity such as a messaging giant would be distinct hope for Seerslab, given the clear requirement for novelty among platform giants to keep their services sticky, coupled with the converse challenge of being to defend novel ideas from being copied by other platform giants.

Seerslab successfully launched their real-time mobile video-editing tool for augmenting selfies. Since then the Android and iOS Lollicam apps have immensely racked up more than four million downloads, mostly in Korea and Japan so far. It is also enumerated that active users are around the two million mark at this point. They are actually apparently popular with teenage girls. Even growth has been organic; with no marketing spend as yet.

Lollicam for Android

Lollicam’s beneficial features comprise face-tracking stickers, respectively as the big cat mask pictured at the top of this post; cinematic effects; and a real-time filter such as a beautification lens that airbrushes skin in real-time or actively changes your face shape to make it lucrative. The Lollicam for Android app effectively permits users augment their selfie/s videos with a wide range of additional effects that could be added via a relatively simple tap to add interface respectively as a blizzard of feathers or a rain storm.