Yahoo Radar for iOS

by Jun 22, 2016iPhone App Reviews0 comments

The giant firm namely Yahoo successfully launched a new travel guide for iOS it’s calling Yahoo Radar. The app would provide traditional travel companion type features like restaurant recommendations and details on familiar attractions, landmarks, and other sights in a given city. Yahoo Radar for iOS would be more beneficial to those who use Yahoo Mail as their primary email client.

It also primarily relies on a chatbot-like interface which feels more experimental than practical at this time. What makes Radar amazing is that it taps into your email inbox to surface trip details you have saved their comprising flight, hotel and rental car reservations. Then it perfectly organizes this in the app on your behalf.Yahoo Radar for iOS

With this quality data on hand, the app is competitive with other travel utilities as well as. It could send you notifications about flight delays, cancellations or gate changes, for instance. You don’t require having a Yahoo email address to use Yahoo Mail. As you might recall, Yahoo announced the ability to manage email from other providers comprising Gmail, Outlook/Hotmail, and AOL back in December.

In addition this app with more utilitarian functions, Yahoo Radar also leverage data from partners like Yelp and TripAdvisor to provide travel details, like must-see sights and top restaurants. The users could also make your own “bucket list” for your destination in the app and get tips from fellow travelers. Though travel companions are generally common, what differentiates Radar is that it utilizes a chatbot-like interface for your interactions.

Yahoo Radar for iOS

It’s not amazing that Yahoo Radar is an iOS-only app for now with no plans for an Android counterpart yet it’s vividly more of an experiment with utilizing bots as a front-end to search at this time. It is acting as your smart travel guide, Radar offers you the information you require so the users could explore the world around you.