Waste in Space for iPhone

by Nov 7, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Waste in Space for iPhone by Marco Tormento is an endless arcade shooter that throws in ragdoll physics into the mix for a unique game which would keep busy. If users have enjoyed being out in space, ragdoll physics, and shooting up garbage, then this game is the quality mix for you.

It is attributed to its simple play nature, fun and beautiful design used to develop it. During the gameplay, concentration and accuracy are key to guarantee that the users get the best results.Moreover this Waste in Space game comes with a great experience that is worth playing.

Waste in Space for iPhone

They are popular endless arcade shooter which is fun, crazy, and challenging, so players will always be coming back to the game in order to try the best your own scores. The animations are fairly smooth, which is always necessary since there are numerous ragdoll physics involved here.

The background color is always dark, considering that you’re out in space. With the asteroids, floating bits of trash, coins, and the space station that you launch out from are all bright and clear.

The upbeat quirky soundtrack is delightful to listen to. It will help lift your mood for such a fun game.  The game has only one game mode and the vital goal is to swing through the asteroids and shoot the trash before they fall down onto Earth. The international users get points for each piece of trash that you actively manage to destroy, with larger ones providing you more point.

Waste in Space for iPhone

The controls in Waste In Space are simple, generally needing just one touch on the screen to do anything. In order to make make use of your character’s grappling hook it is easy to tap-and-hold on the screen to latch on to the nearby asteroid. When international users view pieces of trash floating around, users can do quick taps on the screen to shoot and wholly destroy them.