Vimeo for iOS

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For benefit of global app users Vimeo for iOS has immensely undergone a complete overhaul, and has been rewritten utilizing Swift. This app comes with featuring vivid navigation and a more intuitive flow.

Vimeo also completely renewed its focus on content discovery. They now expediently surfaces categories and staff pictures under the ‘Explore’ screen, and enumerates related videos in the playback screen. Moreover there are 16 several categories and could also find content utilizing Spotlight search in iOS 9, if you know what you’re searching for.

Vimeo for iOS

Videos in your stream no longer take up the entire screen, either; they’re now thumbnails with an adept description off to the right. One could also experience enhanced commenting and sharing features. In addition Vimeo efficaciously enhances video for the highest-quality playback depending on the device hardware.

For an aesthetic change, the users could now select to password protect videos or hide them from Vimeo altogether after uploading. It is also possible to select to share with only people you follow, or pick a group you wish to share a video with. Vimeo also conveys its back-end has been retooled to make uploads faster and simpler. Vimeo is a lot more intuitive and friendly for global app users.

Vimeo for iOS

Instead of a name, location and stream of videos, the users now able to add a brief biography about yourself, and pages display with regard to how many likes and followers you have as well as how many Vimeo users are following you, just as users find on the web version of Vimeo. The users could easily download the app for free to begin watching incredible videos from the Vimeo community, and sharing some of your own creative also. Eventually the users could professionally discover sensational videos from the world’s best creators, and upload your own creative things all on your iPhone and iPad with Vimeo for iOS.