Twisted Lines for iPhone

by Sep 16, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Twisted Lines for iPhone is challenging puzzle game that makes international users think, so it would certainly appeal to fans of the genre. It is professionally designed by Megagon Industries and released as a new minimalistic puzzle game which is all about colors with crossing lines.

The visuals are pleasing with minimalist design and dynamic music is amazing.  The puzzles are challenging and put users mind to work. Twisted Lines simply features simplistic geometric shapes that compose the board. It illustrates you the beginning and ending points, and serves as the connection between everything.Twisted Lines for iPhone

The game wholly makes use of bright colors that virtually complement each other rather nicely. The good thing about the music and sound is the fact that it adapts to your puzzle solution. The game has nine different chapters which include 12 levels each.

In this traditional puzzle game style, the users have to progress through in a linear fashion, and should earn keys by completing chapters. The key for players is to unlock the next chapter, so it’s important to strive for that if you like to complete the game.

The goal in Twisted Lines is to have your solid square collect all of the hollow squares that are on the relevant board. The various mechanic is to collect the hollowed squares and your solid square has to be the same color. All respective movement in Twisted Lines is by dragging your finger from the solid square to where you wish it to go.Twisted Lines for iPhone

The new advanced game mechanics always get introduced on the board as users make progress through the game. The end result is that users begin to view line patterns, which they could easily snap a shot to share with friends and others. Altogether these are just amazing way to relax after a long day and it really helps users to pass the time.