Treasure Buster for iPhone

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Treasure Buster for iPhone by FDG Mobile Games GbR is the best roguelike dungeon crawling experience that wholly mixes in bubble-shooting and pinball-like elements into the quality recipe.  It is one of the best games where users certainly know that they will be returning regularly for relieving some stress.

Visually this entertaining game of Treasure Buster is beautiful with the retro pixel art style that was way back in the ‘80s and ‘90s. It has been making modern comeback for sake of users. The dungeons are full of detail with excellent textures and shadows to provide everything more depth than just looking flat.

Treasure Buster for iPhone

The character sprites are perfectly done, as the game illustrates great diversity in the heroes that users could pick. They all have their own unique appearances with known strengths and weaknesses. The colors utilized in this game range from bright and clear for the treasure, to more dark rich hues for the respective dungeon environments and foes.

The chiptune soundtrack is quirky and helps users in the mood for some pinball dungeon crawling action.  One could easily master each of the six unique heroes all with their own characteristics and abilities. It is also possible to compete with passionate players all around the world on the global leaderboards to become the greatest treasure hunter of all time.

The users could play two game modes in Treasure Buster respectively as Arcade and Endless. Arcade permits users to go through a kind of single-player campaign mode, where they must navigate from room-to-room and conclusively reach the boss of the area before further proceeding to the next dungeon.

Treasure Buster for iPhone

In Endless mode the passionate users must clear out a room and then pick between two different coin tosses that would actually determine what the next room will hold. If users prefer more into high score chasing, then Endless would be apt, but if you like to view some kind of progression in a roguelike game, then Arcade is the quality way to go.