TrackStack for Web

by May 23, 2016Web Applications0 comments

It is well known fact that popular Spotify does come with their own options for developing shared playlists, making ad-hoc lists with your close friends is often a hassle process. TrackStack for Web would certainly satisfy all requirements of global users.

Anyone who likes to contribute a song to the playlist needs their own Spotify account, in addition with approval from the playlist’s owner. There might be a simpler way to prep the perfect playlist with your friends.

TrackStack is a nifty Web-based application that professionally allows you create public playlists in Spotify that anybody could readily add songs to and without the need to have an account.

TrackStack for Web

Once global app users create a playlist, TrackStack perfectly allows you to select between making the list either private or public. In case if you go for the latter option, the app naturally generates a URL to your playlist that you could simply easily share with others so they could add songs to your list too.

The users could also sign up for the service with your Spotify account in a matter of seconds. TrackStack has no limitation when it comes to the number of people that could professionally contribute to the list. It does, however, provide a feature to lock a playlist with a password to prevent any unwanted visitors from tampering with your choices.

TrackStack allows anyone freely play short previews of songs straight from your unique playlist URL), the users would require playing the lists you’ve compiled directly from the Spotify app if you like to listen to tracks in their full duration.

TrackStack for Web

TrackStack is still delivering best beneficial features and its interface precisely unique with sleek. There’s also the possibility that users might experience many new beneficial aspects. Eventually TrackStack for Web functionality would make shared playlists quickly and easily.