Tracks for Web

by Jun 18, 2016Web Applications0 comments

Tracks for Web is the popular app for runners that provide a dynamic auditory narrative. While running, the user hears two kinds of sound a story part, which has a narrative, and the mission part, which offers a guide for running.

For instance the users might hear a monster chasing you or a building collapsing, and be given a mission to jog or sprint through the area as appropriate. Tracks for Web is a quality exercise app that makes the running experience more fun, as it could be rather beneficial aspects in most cases.

Tracks for Web

Tracks might remind you of Zombies and that’s expected as everyone took a look at Zombies. It would be nice to have this type of exercise app available for all global app users. The biggest source of inspiration however, was virtually a game for Sega Saturn called ‘Real Sound: Kaze no Regret.’

The whole game is played using the sound alone. It was amazing experience to say the least, and wholly drawn into the game fully immersed. In future it would be build something with just the sounds. They could be seen it on wearable devices, and it’ll be a much more interactive app.

Tracks for Web

The first thing that comes to everyone’s mind is that they have many more stories available, across numerous kinds of genres. ‘Growler’ would be the first story that they have on Tracks, and it’s an action or sci-fi type of genre. Perhaps in five years they would have other stories in action, thriller, or even romance genres in addition to Growler.

It is their goal anyway and expected to see a greater variety of genres available on Tracks in the future for sure. A daily feed would be formed for you to check your exercise record. The users could also check a current rank, experience points and exercise amount. They should not miss out running tips and behind stories.