Top Mobile Apps for Legal Advice

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You can come across many apps which are geared toward those in need of legal advice. They deliver as promised with many beneficial, and we’ve have compiled a top list of the mobile apps to help in most legal situations.

Legal Dictionary App

The Legal Dictionary app effectively makes reading and understanding legal terms simple. Just simply input the term you’re searching for into the search field and you’ll get respective results. You might also bookmark information you find to access later.

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Rocket Lawyer App

This app is top-rated for anyone in requirement of legal help. It permits users to make legal documents simply and get instant advice from experienced lawyers. If you require lawyer besides the app then you can hire one too. Say you were involved in accident and require accident lawyer, Rocket Lawyer can assist you with that.

It is a comprehensive app that works on the Web, Android, and iOS platforms, and its excellent illustration of how simple it is to get legal advice at your fingertips. The features comprise Legal documents for various purposes that you can edit and sign online instantly. It securely shares documents with an attorney for help. You can get up to a 40% discount when hiring an attorney through the app.

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Fastcase App

The Fastcase app is a free legal research app that permits you to access cases and statutes in any state simply by inputting a term or citation. You might also store the case you’re interested in for subsequent use after you’ve found it. The users can also see how many times a case has been referenced previously by utilizing the “Authority check” tool.

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Evernote App

This app professionally benefits users in many ways. Primarily Evernote is a robust app for taking notes, sharing documents and more. The mobile app permits you to take notes and share them with anyone, including meetings, web pages and to-do lists. It adeptly syncs to all your devices, so you can seamlessly take your notes with you on the go. There are numerous formatting options, as well as a robust search system that permits the user to quickly find what they require.

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