The LOOka – Review

by Jul 25, 2015iPhone App Reviews0 comments

LOOKa is a new mobile messaging app that is taking the instant messaging to a whole new level. Through the app, you can share images, animations and much more.

How to use LOOKa.

Using the LOOKa is very simple. You just take a photo or video, choose a filter and send the image to a friend. It is as simple as that.

Features of the LOOKa app.

-Convert you photo emojI-The app allows users to transform images of their own faces to creative animated emojis. We all know how emojis are useful in expressing your emotions in case your words fail you. This iOs app allows you to convert your faces to emojis and share them with your friends.

-Change your eye colours- The app allows you to explore different eye colours to help you get that eye colour that catches your fancy.

-Face transformations-The app allows you to transform your facial features creatively and share them with your friends. You can transform the size, shape and even add new feature to your existing facial feature. There is no boundaries to your creativity when using the LOOKa iOs app.

-3D avatars- the LOOKa app also gives you a chance to experience you mood to your loved ones using hight quality 3 D avatars.

-Special effects and scary monsters- If you are a fun of horror and scary characters, the LOOKa has something for you. You can transform your photos to some gruesome scary monsters that your friends will never forget.

– More than 20 amazing filters- The app comes with more than 20 amazing filters which give you to retouch and customise your photos and videos to reflect your creative side.

Pros of the app.

-Fun to use-This app transforms instant messaging as we know it. With the LOOKa app, sending messages doesn’t have to be boring any more. You can have as much fun as playing your favourite game.

-Easy to use-Using the app is very easy. You just need to take a photo, choose your desired filters and effects and send the retouched photo to your friends. It is as easy as that.

-Free download-You don’t have to pay anything to enjoy this amazing app. You can download it free of charge from the iTunes store.

Cons of the app.

Does not allow you to use photos stored in your phone memory. You have to use a new photo or video every time you want to send something to your friends.

When taking a selfie to send to your friends using the LOOKa app, make sure you lean towards the source of light to ensure that the photo is as clear as possible.

The LOOKa app is the new exciting way to send pictures, emoticons and videos. Though sending emoticons is a last years thing, LOOKa selfie emoticons are the in thing right now. Whats more, the app is free of charge. Download the app from the iTunes app store and start impressing your friends with creative and amazing photos, videos and selfie emoticons. The fun doesn’t stop their, you also have more than 20 filters and 3D avatars to make your photos more interesting.