The Little Fox for iPhone

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The Little Fox for iPhone is one of the popular games which were amazing and it stood out from the crowd with a distinctive perspective of varying game play. If global users prefer a challenge and test of skill, then The Little Fox offers you with that. It’s also amazing new take on a classic story.

The Little Fox is impressive with the lucrative low-poly graphics. The colors in The Little Fox are stunning as well, since it’s a mix of bright and vibrant hues to dark and rich tones. . In-between levels, the users would find cute scenes that describe the story, and these are well animated in their own subtle way.

The Little Fox for iPhone

During the interesting game, animations are smooth and fluid with no lag, which is vital since users have to have fast reflexes to survive. The Little Fox also has quality atmospheric soundtrack that reflects each unique fairy tale area. Moreover each quality track sets the tone and mood as you progress through the story.

In addition there is a story to the game based on “The Little Prince” and at the interesting moment, there are only 13 fairytale worlds to run through. Each of these amazing levels has an endpoint that you must reach. The game also keeps track of how many attempts you’ve performed already, and this number would become staggeringly high over time. The controls in The Little Fox are easy enough for anyone to pick up.

The Little Fox for iPhone

To make things even more sensational, there are gaps that the Fox must jump over speed boost tiles, slow-down tiles, and shiny blue crystals to collect. This is automatic so users don’t have to do anything else. The key moment you crash into an obstacle or go off course, you failed and so had to try again. After each attempt, you would view your completion percentage and the number of attempts you’ve tried so far.