Swarm for Android

by Mar 26, 2016Android App Reviews0 comments

This famous app has evolved a lot since it was spun out of the main Foursquare app a couple of years ago. The game side of it is more amazing than ever and more appreciation rewarded from all corners of users.

Now the Swarm app has learned some new innovative tricks that should appeal to people who don’t view the point of mayor ships, coins, stickers and leader boards. There are new life-logging features are launching for benefit of global users.

Swarm for Android

An updated profile tab illustrated which friends you’ve checked in with most and you’re most frequent check-ins. There’s also qualitative map of your check-ins around the globe and a ‘The Weekly Swarm’ feature that professionally summarizes where your friends have been in the past seven days, comprising familiar events, trending places, friends’ trips, new and lost mayor ships and stickers.

The latest updates should make checking in feel more beneficial to those who gave up on Foursquare when the initial novelty wore off a few years ago. Every user is so obsessive to Swarm anyway, so for me it’s just a good quality addition to the app that would mean I spend even more time with it. While Foursquare doesn’t actually directly monetize Swarm except for occasional ads, it does use data about check-ins from the app in their popular B2B offerings.

Swarm for Android

Swarm professionally turns every day into a game. The users could earn prizes and compete with friends based on the places you go. You could also view when your friends are hanging out nearby, so you never miss out on the amazing fun.

If you want to meet up with friends then just open Swarm to view who’s hanging out nearby. You could also quickly message your friends to make immediate plans and meet up. Altogether this popular completely satisfies users in all beneficial ways.