Super Powerboy for iPhone

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One great thing that every user would want is a chance to freely express various game skills without any limitation. Super Powerboy for iPhone would certainly provide extensive entertainment for benefit of users.

The game is professionally designed by Super Powerboy Limited and it is an auto-running platformer game that wholly entertains global users. If you like a whimsical and charming game, then Super Powerboy is one you must not miss.

Super Powerboy for iPhone

The visuals in Super Powerboy are gorgeous. The world map and stages are beautifully laid out with exclusive fine detail. The colors range in tone from soft hues to rich and vibrant ones. Moreover there are neat lighting effects as well. The animations are buttery smooth, and it’s sensational to be able to watch your character’s progression.

Super Powerboy is a quality visual and audio package, and it describes that the developers spent a lot of soul and heart into this popular title. In this game of Super Powerboy, the users are able to find out in the beginning cutscene that aliens have invaded Earth and plan to plunder it until nothing remains.

There is one boy who has the strong ability to stop them, and that’s Super Powerboy, but he would require your assistance in gathering enough power to stop the aliens from stealing all of respective valuable resources.

The game is level-based with different 45 stages which are spread out across five numerous areas on a world map. The key goal in each level is to collect all of the required shards, which is actually indicated on the world map. Without obtaining all of the shards, the users won’t be able to unlock the next stages to move on in the game.

Super Powerboy for iPhone

The controls in Super Powerboy are different compared to other auto-running platformers, but they’re absolutely intuitive. The new mechanics would have quick tutorials at the start of a mission that introduces them, so users are never lost in the game.