Spotfund for iPhone

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It is usual that pouring a bucket of ice-cold water over your head, or actively sharing a charity online might assist raise awareness, but what campaigns that go comprehensively viral really require is hard cash. Spotfund for iPhone and a site perfectly makes raising $1-$3 donations far simpler than before.

The organization operates under the idea that if everyone who shares a cause they trust in would also drop a dollar in the cause’s coffers, they’d make an immense impact. Instead of having to offer till it hurts, the new idea is to engage your fans; friends and family to each offer a manageable sum.

Spotfund for iPhone

The fundraising platform is unique in that each of the fundraising efforts is based around several stories and once you’ve made your own donation, the users could simply share it. They can encourage their followers to do the same through the usual suspects in terms of social media platforms.

The app professionally gamifies the process, tracking an “Impact score,” summing up the amount of money you have actually donated. In addition they also enumerate the cash raised from the campaigns you shared with your friends; nothing like a spot of competition to get people’s generous attitude flowing.

Altogether Spotfund is changing the perception of what it means to be civic minded. The stories model assists potential donors connect and engage with the causes they trust in.

Spotfund for iPhone

In simple terms Spotfund is a mobile micro-donation platform that permits users to fund causes, human interest stories and current events in increments of $1, $2 or $3. By this beneficial app of Spotfund, it is making an impact isn’t about the size of your wallet and the power of your social network. Moreoever they are simple to share stories and donations with your friends through Facebook and Twitter, encouraging them to give and assisting your cause go viral.