Sparkwave for iOS

by Jul 16, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Sparkwave for iOS by Crescent Moon Games is a fast-paced hex-style twitch reflex arcade game. Like many other games in the genre this app also features a gorgeous, minimalistic art style that looks sharp and crisp on Retina screens.

While the Sparkwave game begins out with a dark colored background with light specks that represent stars, the colors actively change as you get further along the tracks. The background colors professionally range from darker tones to more vivid hues. They all have rather nice color gradients which go together seamlessly.

Sparkwave for iOS

In the foreground there would be hexagons of many different sizes that appear as you move and moreover forming a trail for you to follow in your spark-covered ship. There could be many colors appearing on the screen at several times, your ship would always be recognizable due to the bright, contrasting color. The animations in Sparkwave are smooth and fluid.

Sparkwave has only one game mode, and it is essentially an endless run to see how long users could actually survive. The main objective is to fly as far as you can without hitting annoying obstacles that illustrate up along the way.

The game moves fast and the track would form as you go, so it could be rather unpredictable at times, particularly when you encounter random angle shifts that change the direction of the entire path, forcing global users to react instantly. There are crystals to collect along the way, which could be used to purchase additional spark colors for your ship, or few booster items from the shop.

Sparkwave for iOS

The controls in Sparkwave are simple enough. You could tap the left half of the screen to steer your ship to the left, and tap the right half to go right. Moreover you would move forward automatically. It is possible to do short taps to move just a little bit, or hold your finger down to move continuously in that direction. If users wish a challenge test of reflexes then it’s a great addition to your collection.