Say What – English To English Translator: Must Have App

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Say What is quite a useful app when it comes to travelers. Do you often travel to other English speaking countries like Australia, New Zeland, Scotland, Ireland, South Africa and England? Well, this app is just for you.

There are a lot of variations of English Language. There are hundreds of different words, slangs and phrases. A dictionary is no always able to help you in this area, therefore Say Whatis much more than a dictionary when it comes to English Language as the app allows translation from English to English!

Well, do not think that you do not need such an app. You can learn all about various phrases and slangs from all around the English speaking countries, you can translate words and phrases that does not sound familiar into your source language and also you can submit new words and phrases.

To give a simple example, When you are in Scotland for instance, you hear the word fortnight. So, you are not familiar with this word as an American? You can look up this word and find the American equivalent meaning, which is 2 weeks. They use “stone” as a weigh unit but you do not know what it stands for? Well, Say What can give you the answer, it is 14 or 16 pounds. You will be surprised to see how many different words, phrases and slangs there are for you to get familiar with. Language is a flexible thing by nature. Bu English is such a rich language that it is almost impossible to keep up with every variation from every English speaking country.

It is great to have an app that harbors all words, slangs and phrases that can be changeable in different English speaking countries. It also helps you get familiarized with the culture of the country you are visiting as language is one of the most important corner stone of any culture. And using communication is the best way to understand one culture and convey yours. None of these would be possible is you cannot communicate with your “mates”, especially if you do not know the meaning of the word “mate”!

You can carry on with your search both by country and word. So, when you choose the country you are travelling to, say New Zeland, there appears a list of words for you to browse. Or you can carry on a search for a specific word.


  • Choose from seven different English speaking countries as source or target language.
  • Browse a list of words, phrases and slang ingenious to the country you are visiting.
  • Search for a specific word, phrase or slang.
  • Add new words, phrases and slangs.


  • There are only two words in the list section.
  • You have to make a purchase to unlock all words.

So, you want to get along better with the fellow English speakers? Are you fascinated to see that there are so many variations of English and you want to know them all? Well, Say What is what you are looking for and you are going to love it.

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