Samorost 3 for iPhone

by Sep 12, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Samorost 3 for iPhone by Amanita Design is the latest exploration adventure puzzle game from the popular makers of Machinarium and Botanicula. If global players like good point-and-click adventure, then Samorost 3 is worth trying.

Samorost 3 is visually superlative. The players will search themselves in a distinctive world in space which is full of gorgeous, lush environments that make users feel as if they are truly there, complete with depth-of-field effects.Samorost 3 for iPhone

The artwork for each area is professionally detailed with fine textures. The colors range from dark and rich to vibrant. It has ambient soundtrack in Samorost which is atmospheric and wholly engaging.

Since the game revolves around a magic flute to listen to special tunes from objects, the users enjoy big part of this game. Like other familiar games of the genre, the players find themselves dropped into a beautiful world without too much direction. It is also possible to control a little space gnome who ends up with a magic flute, and users set out on a journey to discover the fluteā€™s origins.

In this popular game of Samorost 3, there are nine total alien worlds that users will be able to discover and explore. It is revealed that each of them having their own special alien life form inhabiting it. Though it is also a puzzle adventure game, there would numerous challenges that users will come across that require to be solved before they could move on. The controls in Samorost 3 are easy enough to understand.Samorost 3 for iPhone

To have your space gnome move, the users could easily tap on where they wish to go to. The users can interact with other objects and characters in the environment by gentle tapping on them and viewing what happens. When users see an object with pulsating white rings, which indicates that players can drag the magic flute from the top right corner to the object, and your gnome would listen to the tune of the object.