Relay FM for iPhone

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If passionate app users are searching for some new, interesting podcasts to get lost in, then they could simply select Relay FM for iPhone which is an independent podcast network for people who are generally creative, curious and obsessive. The users are fast becoming followers for Relay FM.

There are numerous users listening to podcasts for a few years now and as immense interest in them has grown rapidly, the Relay network has become familiar. It is mainly due to large variety of shows and topics it offers, and finally there’s a Relay FM for iPhone. One of the most lucrative things about the app is that it isn’t trying to replace whichever one of the eminent podcast apps has become favorite choice it like to complement them.

Relay FM for iPhone

As well as permitting you listen to Relay’s original content, users could use the app’s share sheet to access other podcast apps namely as popular Overcast, Castro or Apple’s Podcasts, among others as well. The quality thing about Relay’s new app was the attractive design; it’s simple and intuitive to navigate. They are actually divided into four main sections respectively as Notifications, Latest, Shows and Support Us.

The passionate app users just need to swipe left or right to get from one to the other. It is also enumerated that Latest stream opens by default and would be the main page when you launch the relevant app. It professionally lists all of the shows on the app with those most recent at the top.

Relay FM for iPhone

Therefore the users could instantly select to subscribe, or get notified when a new episode is available with just one simple tap. When users subscribe to a show, it will be able to simple to access past episodes as well. The overall user experience is effectively offering what you need with simple ways to get it.