Reigns for iOS

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Reigns for iOS by Devolver Digital is a Tinder-like adventure game where users on the throne as a benevolent monarch, imposing your will upon the land. Reigns features a simple aesthetic that would definitely satisfy the minimalist crowd.

All of the character designs are flat and lo-poly style, with bright and vivid colors that contrast accurately with the dark color scheme of the game itself. In this game of Reigns for iOS it is said that kingdom starts around the year 600 with the first king.Reigns for iOS

The players would search cards that feature several characters in their kingdom who come to the king with many numerous kinds of requests. If you like to accept or like the request, then swipe right. If you don’t like it and wish to decline, then swipe left.

As players make their decisions, you would view the kingdom’s several element levels increase or decrease at the top. In some cases, the choices you make would only last for that king’s reign, but others will have much more lasting effects on the popular kingdom.

If in case level reaches zero, or your people turn against you then that king’s reign ends and you must begin over again with a new monarch. The present king adds a year to his reign with each decision you make, and sometimes you would be gambling with the jester. The selections you make can affect the kingdom more than you think, and you like to look over each request and think about the consequences for your kingdom before swiping.

Reigns for iOS

And there are several kinds of deaths that would end your reign, so that’s another aspect to look for as you play. If your score for each king is the number of years that you were in power, so longer you last, the better would be good. Eventually the visuals are clean; the music is soothing, with the game play is unique, and interesting.