Quell Zen for iOS

by Jul 21, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Quell Zen for iOS by Fallen Tree Games Ltd is the latest addition in the relaxing Quell series of puzzle games. When global users just had a long day and wish to kick back with a soothing game, then they should look no further than Quell Zen.

As far as visually Quell Zen is a delicious treat for the eyes. It’s amazingly well polished. The puzzles themselves take place on a 2-D layout and colors are good with soft. Quell Zen effectively features several chapters, though you have to go through them in chronological order. The chapters generally have four sections each, and then you have four levels for that section.

Quell Zen for iOS

Once the four stages are complete, the users could easily move on to the next section, and when all sections are done, and then you’re able to move on to the next chapter. The game begins out relatively simple enough, but things get harder and more challenging as you make actively progress.

Since it’s a maze puzzle game, the main objective is to guide the raindrops through the maze layout safely while collecting all of the shiny metallic orbs and uncovering the narrative of a Japanese family. The users just have to do is swipe their finger in the direction they wish the raindrop to slide over to. If there are multiple raindrops, then they have to slide their finger on top of the one you like to move. Moreover there are new mechanics introduced as you go, namely as spikes, portal rings, lasers, and more.

Quell Zen for iOS

The game is not as straightforward as you might think. The users could see the obvious obstacles, orbs, and levels. One could find many secrets that they have to discover in the game. These comprise hidden gems somewhere on each level and even hidden levels to find and play. Altogether the puzzles themselves are challenging and there are many secrets to discover, which extends the interest of the game.