Proud for iPhone

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Proud for iPhone by Peter Szwach is the advanced app for helping users to become more productive. Proud is claimed to be another quality task manager app for sake of international app users. The app would have more advantageous effect on you due to their redefined concept of time.

If users like to be more productive, then one could easily control their time better and maximize potential for ultimate success. This familiar app of Proud is quality app for you. The design of Proud is flexible with amazing aesthetic effects. The sans serif typeface is simple and plain.

Proud for iPhone

The users could also have some fun sound effects as you work things in the app. The navigation is perfectly done through taps, pulls, and swipe gestures, so it simply feels natural and flush among iOS. Finally the developer has done a rather good job with making lucrative and fun-to-use interface for a task list manager.

For managing your lists and tasks, Proud could also help you to stay focused on long-term goals and even de-stress right from the app. In order to accessing your goals section, the users can just pull the screen all the way down on the Lists section. By simple swiping the small section to the left would immensely bring you to the De-Stress Superpower section, where users are totally encouraged to relax with some breathing techniques.

When users like to assign a due date to an item, they could get a screen with numerous buttons. The global users can set the item to be performed now; tomorrow, next week, weekend, or a custom date, and they can choose morning, afternoon, or evening.

Proud for iPhone

The app also qualitatively permits you to postpone by minutes, hours, or days. For sake of users with an Apple Watch, there is a native companion app which accurately works even if your iPhone is not around. The Watch app allows you to check your upcoming tasks and start a focus session in case you actually need it.