Postmates for iPhone

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In latest development the popular Postmates for iPhone has eventually come full circle with its ‘Plus’ category by providing a new ‘Plus Unlimited’ monthly subscription for their most loyal and passionate fans.

It is available today as a recurring subscription for iOS, the new tier provides more perks and rewards for those who use the delivery service regularly. It is enumerated that ‘Plus Unlimited’ subscribers get a few things.

Postmates for iPhone

The biggest appeal is that ‘Plus Unlimited’ now provides free delivery for every merchant presently under the ‘Plus’ program — which Postmates touts a roster of more than 3,000 numerous vendors.

Moreover in addition the subscribers won’t have to pony up extra cash for a service fee. Eventually all other vendors qualify for free delivery if the order is greater than $30.With a bit of back-of-the-envelope math, the new tier could be lucrative to even casually frequent Postmates users. Even when choosing the cheaper delivery options, the users could likely recoup the cost of an ‘Unlimited’ account in less than three meals.

Plus Unlimited’ orders get bumped to the front of the line so the wait time is minimal, and Postmates professionally promises that the tier would never be subject to surge pricing.

With more global users pre-paying to get involved with Postmates, the firm then has a paying user base that remains fixed. This could be effective with the line for everything, comprising swaying new merchants over to Plus and even securing best ad deals. And for global users, this could mean less variability, and effective invisible way to take care of those relevant pesky fees.

Postmates for iPhone

The delivery is instant and on-demand. When your food is ready, a Postmate is instantly available to deliver it to you within a few minutes. They are the fastest way to get anything delivered to you. With Postmates, it is possible to order takeout, and pretty much anything else, and have it delivered directly in quick fashion.