Polyforge for iPhone

by Jul 20, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Polyforge for iPhone by ImpactBlue Studios Pty Ltd is an endless zen puzzler that would take you through a journey of several colors, sounds, and shapes. If global users enjoy zen-like games with a dash of reflex skill testing, then you’ll wholly enjoy Polyforge.

Polyforge is beautiful, and certainly makes you think of zen while you play. The color palettes in the game vary as you’ll find soft pastels to rich and vibrant hues. The shapes themselves are professionally rendered in 3-D and are intricate with their highlight of shadow detail.

Polyforge for iPhone

This interesting game is based on levels that you have to clear before moving on to the next one. The main objective is to reach the highest level that you can, and the leader boards reflect that with the “Top Levels” board. More importantly if you fail on a level, you don’t have to start over from the first level, the users just have to try the present level you’ve reached again until you can pass it.

The controls in Polyforge are easy enough to be played with just one hand. The shape in the center would be spinning counterclockwise, and a small triangle would be orbiting around the shape in a clockwise fashion. Suppose if you hit a side twice, you’ll get a noticeable quick red glow on that side, and the shape would shake. The game ends if you’re in the regular mode. But if you’re able to rack up a nice combo in the Endless mode, the shape gets larger, making things slightly simpler.

Polyforge for iPhone

The key objective and controls of the game are simple to pick up. You’ll have to be watchful with your timing, since even one second makes all the difference here. While the world seems to be encapsulated with the entire Pokémon Go craze at the moment, this familiar Polyforge for iPhone game would certainly entertain you in many ways.