Peeple for iOS

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It is a popular social networking reputation app with anti-abuse and accountability features baked right in. The Peeple for iOS app was made to better understand people, by the people, and for the people. They are considered to be reputation building tool which allows friends and acquaintances recommend you in three distinct areas of your life respectively as personal, professional, and dating.

This Peeple app creates a positive, supportive community, where non-anonymous, honest feedback is central and users have whole control over your profile. Moreover the commenter’s are accountable for what they write since in the near future Peeple would allow you subscribe to a Truth License.

Peeple for iOS

The Peeple truth license simply illustrates you everything that has been written about a person whether it was actually published live on their profile or not. This virtually permits you to make better decisions about the people around you by obtaining access to all the recommendations written.

This familiar reputation app promised to connect people with each other through quality honest reviews. The global app users trusted Peeple and certainly satisfied their beneficial aspects. Peeple features comprise many among them they are absolutely free. The users could recommend and be recommended in three categories namely as professional, personal, and dating.

If users are single then you could change your single status in the settings to block out the dating section. You also have Peeple number where your score is a total of the recommendations you receive. The users could also experience social media sharing where it is possible to share the positive recommendations you get through social media respectively from Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp, Email, and Text.

Peeple for iOS

They also include single online space to safely control your online reputation. The users could also protect their children, money, house, pets, and assets by having more details about the people you interact with. By using the nearby feature one could easily view everyone nearby within a 10 mile radius for better networking and date opportunities. So finally the users could download it from tomorrow to experience themselves.