Patternator for iPhone

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The global users could easily create the world’s cutest patterns, backgrounds, wallpapers and lock screens. It is also possible to pick from millions of cool stickers, hundreds of lucrative background colors, and endless pattern choices. If you’ve ever considered sketching your own pattern designs, Patternator for iPhone might be the only app you’ll ever require.

You could print your sensational creations on a high-quality phone case. Patternator is a simple design tool that professionally allows you quickly and simply make your own lucrative custom-patterned wallpapers, lock screens and phone case mock-ups.

Patternator for iPhone

This popular app comes with an integrated gallery that effectively features hundreds of backgrounds and millions of stickers, providing global users a wide variety of selections to develop unique patterns. To immensely power their impressive collection of stickers Patternator is utilizing imoji’s free software development kit.

The familiar app also provides a search engine as well as a feature to upload your own stickers. When a user has picked a sticker and a background, Patternator offers several options to tweak and customize your patterns. For example, the users could actively adjust a sticker’s color, scale, spacing and angle. Moreover the users could also flip and rotate stickers or spread them across in irregular patterns utilizing the jitter feature.

Patternator for iPhone

Once if passionate users are done designing your pattern, Patternator would offer you an apt option to share it on Instagram, Tumblr, We Heart It and much more. Moreover the users could download their pattern and use it as wallpaper or order a phone case with a print of your design. The users now could download Patternator for free at the AppStore. It is such an awesome product so much fun to be able to develop several custom patterns and a really creative instance of how to leverage the imoji SDK. Eventually now, anyone can become pattern designer.