Parallyzed for iPhone

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If users have enjoyed titles like Entwined Challenge then global users will love what Parallyzed brings to the table. Parallyzed for iPhone by Double Coconut LLC is popular challenging runner game that actively tests your platforming and reflexive skills.

When you speak of visually, Parallyzed is effective, as the game features amazing dreamscape setting that is totally of both wonder and darkness. Though Parallyzed is a runner at the core and it is basically not an infinite runner, so it is level-based. The game provides two tutorial stages that describe the core game mechanics before you are left to your own vices.

Parallyzed for iPhone

In Parallyzed, the players find the story of two twin sisters who are deeply connected to each other, though they both have their own peculiar personalities, abilities, and attributes. But on one day, the older sister, Red, goes into jealous moment where pushes her younger sister, Blue, off of a swing, which virtually resulted in her paralysis.

With Red’s peculiar ability to enter Blue’s mind, she hopes to work with her to help in bringing her back from her coma and into the real global world. The key goal in each stage is to help both Red and Blue reach the endpoint in one piece. It’s much harder than it seems, since players have to match them to their proper glowing light orbs and entirely avoid dangers spikes with lot of other dangerous hazards along the way.

In Parallyzed, the players control both sisters at the same time as they run alongside each other in parallel platforms. If passionate players tap on the left side of the screen, the sisters will jump. A tap on the right side of the screen perfectly permits them swap places with one another. The game starts out easy enough, but as users get further along, the levels pick up the difficult pace.

Parallyzed for iPhone

The game professionally keeps track of how many attempts players try on each stage, and each failure describes your progress percentage. It is noted that game is all about memorization of the spots where you actually need switching places and jumping