Paperback for iPhone

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Word-building meets deck-building in the unique game of Paperback for iPhone. It is professionally developed by Fowers Games Inc. and they are regarded as mobile port of the physical deck-building card game. If players have played the physical game and like the rising trend of boardgames going digital, such as Exploding Kittens then you will certainly enjoy Paperback.

Visually Paperback has unique distinctive look and feel to it that makes it stand out among the overcrowded word game market. The players are wholly greeted with stylish, pulp novel artwork that feels sensational. There are fine details with relevant textures everywhere, from the character designs to the letter booklets.

Paperback for iPhone

If users look at the novel cards and could experience quality artwork. There’s only one game mode in Paperback with game consisting of two to four players. The players can go head-on with actual players in a local game or select from Easy, Smart, or Smarter AI.

It is possible to change the number of novel cards that are allowed in the game if you like to, but a “Reset” button makes it easy to go back to the defaults at any time before the game.

The players will draw enough cards and like to spell out a word with what you have in your hand, even drawing another letter from the pile next to the hand if needed one per turn. When your word is scored, players will earn a few coins that they could use to purchase more cards from the top half of the screen.

Paperback for iPhone

The better cards cost more to get, so players will have to know vocabulary in order to do well. The game virtually ends once two of the novel piles on the right side are empty. Eventually it is one of the best card games that users certainly know that they would return regularly for absolute entertainment.