Outfolded for iPhone

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Outfolded for iPhone is a minimalist, endless puzzle game where players unfold shapes to reach their goal. You could easily relax, zone out and experiment in a never-ending series of levels which was developed by 3 Sprockets.

The players can take on the challenging daily puzzles to earn hints and pit against the best. Altogether it is minimalistic puzzle game which is all about unfolding shapes to reach your goal. This r game can be recommend for checking out if you enjoy puzzle games and want something peculiar approach to puzzle games.

Outfolded for iPhone

Outfolded is beautiful game with the minimalistic and isometric aesthetic. The game is totally rendered in 3-D with an angled, top-down perspective manner. The color themes are attractive and range from softer pastels to vibrant hues with subtle backgrounds. It virtually matches the foreground colors nicely. The animations in Outfolded are smooth.

Though it is an infinite game and does have “levels” for players to go through one-at-a-time. The stages in this game would transit seamlessly into each other. The vital goal is to unfold the shapes to reach the end point. Moreover it is also the flashing space on the grid.

The game offers unlimited amount of undo’s for users in case if they make a mistake and they could long-press the undo button to clear out all necessary shapes. Also they could start that level again and in case if you’re stuck, the game has special hint system that assists you to the goal.

In situation if the shape runs out of sides, the users would see a flashing square on the surface. This is where users put their next shape on, and repeat the process until you complete goal point. As users get more hard grids and more shapes, players have to think and plan ahead about how to complete the key objective.

Outfolded for iPhone

The daily puzzles would always be different for the day, and they’re much difficult than the standard stages. The game looks fascinating with the minimalist isometric perspective, beautiful color palette, music soothes the soul, and the controls are easy enough.