Only 6 – Let Us Do More in Less Time and Accomplish Things

by Apr 11, 2022Android App Reviews0 comments

Do you have the habit of procrastinating things? Yes, most of us do. We all have works to do on a daily basis but we never stick to them and we all postpone even the most important errands to the last minute. To make your day most effective and to bring out the best of it, the app named Only 6 would be the most useful.

Given by Dave Martin Programming, the app Only 6 belongs to the ‘Productivity’ category in the Play Store. I would say that this app is definitely a boon to all those who have daily chores to do. It works by asking you to list down the top 6 tasks that you have to do for the day. When you put down the list of the top tasks to be done, you naturally focus on them and finish them off in one go. It helps you to save more time as all the tasks are put in one place. It also eliminates all the similar steps that you have to carry out in your daily tasks.

You can call this a to-do list app where you can get more things done in a row. Only 6 is a daily planner and task manager that works using the Ivy Lee Method. This strategy that has been in practice for a century helps you accomplish your goals and become more productive with your tasks. When you begin a day, you have to enter the 6 important things that you wish to do. All that you must do is focus on the very first task you need to execute and complete it. Later on, you can move to the second task and continue till you finish all 6. In this way, you can have a proper work-life balance too.

The app is neatly designed and it is so easy to use and navigate. Only 6 requires Android 4.0 or later versions and it is suitable for all those in the family. When you have any suggestions to give or feedback to say, you can write to [email protected]. It is completely free to download and when you prefer to go ad-free, you can very well choose the premium version of the app.

Download Only 6 today and get more things done ins a short time span. It makes your life and works a lot easier to manage and improve at the same time.