On Equation Finance Calculator

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All organizations and finance related calculating personnels ordinarily experience trouble in monetary figurings owing to a precarious part in the estimations. In any event, when you use spreadsheets the trouble presented by the computations are no less. A few people need additional chance to adapt to the calculations while others need additional help to arrive at the point. As you travel through your business you will confront many increasingly complex finance related calculations which will require additional time and exertion. At times the learning and thinking factors about the psyche additionally influences the calculations. Developers have thought of a potential answer for this issue where you can without much of a stretch ascertain monetary conditions and affectability examination by destroying the requirement for undesirable spreadsheet estimations and money related adding machines.

The ‘On Equation Finance Calculator’ is a mobile based app that gives you simplicity while going through your calculations while providing you with the right solutions.

Developed by:

On Equation Finance Calculator’ app was developed and provided by ‘Aptlications’ as a Finance application.

How the app works:

Download and start the ‘On Equation Finance Calculator’ app on your mobile phone or other compatible devices. Now launch the app on your device and start easily calculating the necessary functions like calculating Bonds, NPV, Interest and EAR. Even if you are an accountant or a finance specialist, a valued professional or a student, you will find the ‘On Equation Finance Calculator’ app useful in your day to day life.

Features of the app:

On Equation Finance Calculator’ has many alluring features such as,

  • Firm valuation formulas
  • Bond and share valuation formula
  • Portfolio and equity formula
  • Project valuation calculators
  • Gordon growth model / Dividend discount models

Compatible with:

The app works on all Android and iOS devices.