Nightgate for iPhone

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Nightgate for iPhone by Semidome Inc. is a challenging reflex arcade game where networks of intelligent computers are last remaining life form on Earth. If global users wish to test their reflexes, this interesting game will be right up your favorite game.

The visuals in Nightgate are minimalistic. The game features numerous intricate geometric shapes and lines which move around seamlessly. It also flows right into each other in respective pseudo 3-D setting. The colors of the shapes and lines are bright .The animations are smooth and fluid in the game, and there is good techno soundtrack which nicely goes along with the overall game theme.

Nightgate for iPhone

The plot of Nightgate is simple and adds a bit of a story to the surface. The year is 2398, and a network of intelligent computers is the only remaining life form left on Earth. The players would be actually taken to a digital world that is dark and futuristic, and it won’t be easy to explore what lies beyond the digital landscape. Nightgate features 50 handcrafted levels that passionate users have to get through one-by-one.

The main goal of each stage is to help the white flicker of light to the colored dots, and follow another sentient dot to the gate that leads to the next level. The players come across red bullets and bars that would kill you if you run into them, so avoid them intelligently.

Nightgate for iPhone

The controls in Nightgate are simple and intuitive. The users could just move their finger anywhere on the screen to access the floating virtual joystick. It is said that white dot will actually go in the direction that your finger is pointing towards without any friction. As such there is no time limit in Nightgate, the thrilling game could be played at own pace, and global users can take their time reaching the next area.