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News always shapes our life as it controls what we eat, buy and even what we think. There is a lot of corporate control over the news we hear today and they decide what we must know and what we mustn’t. A number of news channels are biased and only a very few are neutral. To fix the broken news and to get unbiased news, we must join the revolution with Newsvoice. It is always one best choice when it comes to knowing what matters to you just the way it actually is.

What is the app about? 

Newsvoice falls under the News and Magazines category and is suitable for everyone in the family. It is not like any common news app; Newsvoice is about bringing genuine news to you. It aims to bring news from different perspectives and to keep you informed of what’s going on around you. It looks forward to eliminate all the fake news that channels broadcast these days as they lean on some political parties. 

Working of the app:

Newsvoice is powered for the people, by every individual using it and the news is crowdsourced. To make use of the app, all that you have to do is to install it. You can also sign in using your phone number or your Google account. By signing in you will be able to edit, comment, share, upvote and save the articles that you read on Newsvoice.

It discusses news on the following topics: US politics, USA news, World news, Business, Tech and Crypto news. Users can decide on what they want to read and how much they want to read. The app aggregates news from major news sites like Vox, Fox news, BBC news, NPR and many more. It gives you the domains that talk about the news and also tags the political leaning of the source.

Special Features of the app: 

When you read news, you are free to share your comments on it so that other readers will get to know the genuineness in the news. If you feel that some news is worth reading you can go for upvoting it, so that it becomes visible to more readers. The ‘Newsvoice Play’ is an awesome element of the app as it allows you to listen to the news whenever and wherever you are. This unique feature makes it stand out from other apps as you will be able to create the ‘News mix’ of your own and start listening to it. There are also options that allow you to invite your friends to download it.


The app comes free of cost for both iOS and Android devices. There are in-app purchases that allow you to crowdfund the service and by doing so, you will help Newsvoice stay ad free and independent. 

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