Nekosan for iPhone

by Nov 10, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Nekosan for iPhone by 1Button SARL is a twitchy reflex platformer that is fun challenging game. This familar game of minimalistic design is pleasing, the character are illustrated nicely, the music is delightful to listen to, and the gameplay is rather tricky challenging, as it professionally combines reflexes, platformers, and a dash of quality puzzle.

When you speak visually Nekosan carries a minimalistic aesthetic that is soothing to the eyes. The game features solid background colors for each respective stage; with the layout of the level is specifically a cutout in the center of the background. The cat and mice are simple attractive but still good and there are nice, small details such as respectively snow and grass which are qualitatively layered on top of the platforms, floors, and spikes.

Nekosan for iPhone

It is also noted that colors range from soft pastels to richer and bolder hues. The game soundtrack is quirky, making it rather soothing to listen to. The sound effects are cute, and will bring big smile to your face, even if players are failing at the levels.

Nekosan is level-based platformer game, so players require to advance through it one stage at a time. Currently there are eight level packs to go through in Chapter A, and they comprise of about 10 parts each.

The players have a limited number of lives to start out with nine lives to be exact, but they get actively refilled with some extra if users can get through all of the sections. The main goal in each stage is to collect and recover all of the stars that the mice stole.

Nekosan for iPhone

Once all stars are in users possession, which means they can move on to the next stage. You also have secret fish which they can try to acquire as well. The controls are easy and allow game to be played with one hand, but it does virtually take some time to get used to.