Monitor Your Biorhythms On The iPhone with BiorhythmΩ

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Biorhythm is how an organism functions in a recurring pattern. It is a cyclic pattern of physical, emotional, or mental activity that happens in a person’s life. BiorhythmΩ is an attempt to predict the different facets of a person’s life by means of simple mathematical cycles. If you feel bad and don’t feel good about yourselves, it means that your biorhythm is not working properly.

When you monitor your biorhythmic cycle, you can very well see the results for yourself and get a preview of your future biorhythms. These cycles start from the day you are born and they continue till you go to your grave. Jeonghwan Kim has come up with an app named BiorhythmΩ. This app operates with these four cycles namely the physical, emotional, intellectual and intuitive cycle that repeats every 23, 28, 33 and 38 days.

The app calculates them using these values:

Physical rhythm: sin (2π d / 23)

Emotional rhythm: sin (2π d / 28)

Intellectual rhythm: sin (2π d / 33)

Intuitive rhythm: sin (2π d / 38) where d is the number of days that you live. The rhythmic values vary from -100 to +100 and this indicates your status. -100 to -1, +1 to +100 and value 0 indicate the low, high and dangerous days of your life.

The app displays the four separate rhythms of a user with values and graphs. Users can change the dates to view the different biorhythms. You can send your biorhythmic values on a message or email as well. It can be used anywhere and at any time and this tool can be used to explain why you may be having a bad day and also let you know about your great days. With BiorhythmΩ, you can calculate the average of two or more users’ biorhythms.

This Lifestyle app requires iOS 11.0 or later versions and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. It supports only English, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Russian, Simplified Chinese and Spanish languages. This simple app works perfectly fine and you can see everything in just a single glance. It has become my own personal favourite and is so straightforward and easy to read. It comes with a today app extension widget.

As the biorhythmic wave crest indicates your joy and the bottom trough your worries with its ups and downs, you can understand your feelings, stamina, health and other things with BiorhythmΩ.

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