Mimpi Dreams for iOS

by Aug 3, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

If you like dogs and want a casual puzzle adventure then Mimpi Dreams for iOS is one where global users must add to their popular Mimpi game collection. Mimpi Dreams in a nutshell is well worth trying out if you like dogs and puzzle platformers.

All of the good character models are rendered well with bouncy animations that are flourishing with personality. Overall, the animations are smooth and the game’s soothing ambient soundtrack is much delight to listen to.

Mimpi Dreams for iOS

Mimpi Dreams for iOS features five different worlds that Mimpi the dog could explore, all of which are part of his doggy dreams. These areas comprise a forest, a tesla landscape, seaside, and even fairytale with apt medieval castles. In each world, Mimpi would immensely discover new friends and must assist them as they are in trouble. Since you know, dogs dream of being heroes, after all.

In order to assist his friends, Mimpi requires your help to solve tricky little puzzles as he explores each area in search of his dog bed at the end. You should not worry about the puzzles being too hard, as the game was designed to be a casual one, so that anyone could pick it up and complete the game eventually.

The controls in Mimpi Dreams are easy and straightforward. In the bottom left will be buttons for having Mimpi move left and right. It is revealed that the bottom right will be a button that permits Mimpi to jump. Altogether this game is wholly appreciated from all corners of users.

Mimpi Dreams for iOS

The main goal of the game is to get Mimpi to his dog bed at the end of a stage, while assisting friends along the way, the game is straightforward. Getting beneficial game experience is something any users cannot afford to miss. This primarily occurs when one is trying to use a new game which brings great satisfaction. Finally this is great game for global users to play.