Medalist – Let Every Interest of Yours be noted

by Apr 8, 2021iPhone App Reviews0 comments

Have you ever visited pages on social media and found out the things you love the most. Yes, we all might have. We also wish that whatever we like are properly saved someplace so that we can refer to it later. If there is an app to do all that, it would be wonderful. Medalist is one such app that lets you save everything that interests you in one place. 

Given by the seller Forth Holdings LLC, The Medalist belongs to the entertainment category in the App Store. The app is one place to rank all the things you love, recommend them to others and remember them by saving them under different categories. It helps you save everything through a taxonomy methodology. It helps you combine all your interest and even inspire new ones. With Medalist, users can make a list of what they try and what they want to try. They can also view the listings of others. 

The app makes two lists for each category the user creates. The Bench is to remember things you want to try, and the Podium is to save what you’ve tried. The Medalist is completely available for free on the Apple App Store. From cooking to eating, fashion photography to dressing, reading, writing or whatever that interests you, you can make a note of it. It assists you when you need to keep track of all the recommendations you receive from others. You get to decide whether you can keep your likings private or share them with others to prove your taste.

Apart from this, the app allows you to save the things you have tried (or want to try) by adding a context, capturing a picture, writing a note, and connecting a link. This feature helps you make rich memories of the things you love. Users can maintain their privacy by managing strict privacy of items in the list. When a user adds an item of yours to their list, your Poach count adds up. The updated version of the app allows you to see who poached. Users of Medalist can comment on any item and start a conversation with others and spread nice recommendations.

Medalist works perfectly fine and it comes with an intuitive interface. The team is always open to feedback and they will answer your queries if you write to them at [email protected]. The Medalist is available in English and is suitable for all those above four years of age. It requires iOS 12.0 or later versions and Mac OS 11.0 or later and a Mac with an Apple M1 chip.

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