Makenines for iPhone

by Sep 15, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Makenines for iPhone by Force Of Habit is the popular logic game about the number nine. Even if international users are not a math person, but just get easily try out of logic puzzles, then makenines is worth purchasing, particularly as it’s free with a unique pay-what-you-want system, like a tip jar.

Makenines for iPhone is challenging puzzle game that makes global users think, so it would certainly appeal to passionate fans of the genre. Visually, this game has a gorgeous and minimalistic look. The dark black and gray hounds tooth background is soft and subtle, with some exclusive animations as you go through the game’s level screens.Makenines for iPhone

The game includes with a captivating and atmospheric soundtrack that is rather soothing. It would greatly help you to focus on searching the solutions for every puzzle. The number tiles are colourful with numerous pastel shades, and the other types of tiles which are simply distinguishable from the rest.

The game has three difficulty levels such as Easy, Medium, and Hard. All of these have 20 interesting puzzles each. The good thing is the fact that users could start wherever they want, and you can also play the levels out of order, since everything is simply available to you from the get-go. The key goal of the game is simple enough to clear the board of all number tiles by actively combining the tiles so that they make nine. It is simple enough, but things get challenging as you progress.Makenines for iPhone

Each board would be immensely filled with number tiles that are not nine, so global users job is to combine tiles until they equal nine to clear them off from the respective board. There would be many tiles that are introduced, which includes namely as slides, pushers, exchangers, rotators, and stacks. These are just sensational way to relax after a long day and it actually assists users to unwind and pass the time.