Majuscula for iOS

by Jul 8, 2016iPhone Game Reviews0 comments

Majuscula for iOS by Vince Hegedus is a super challenging platformer that’s typically based on the wonderful world of typefaces. If you are the type of person who likes a skill-based platformer and duly enjoys learning about typography, then this is a match made for global users.

Majuscula is lucrative with a minimalistic aesthetic. The game immensely focuses on several hues of black, gray, and white, giving it that familiar Limbo feel. The only splash of color that you’ll view is the orange of the ball that you control, which is simply trying to make it through the world of typography.Majuscula for iOS

The physics involved in the game are realistic. Animations are smooth and there is no lag in the frame rate, which is great and always around the corner in Majuscula. The soundtrack by Essa is ambient adding another layer of depth to the interesting game.

Majuscula is actually a popular game about typography; it has amazing level concept. Each stage is in the form of a letter, and when you clear it, the users would learn about a typeface that begins with that relevant letter, such as who designed it, when it was developed, and even how it looks. Since each level is a letter, and there are only 26 letters in the alphabet, there are only 26 levels in the game.

However the game could be incredibly difficult. The users would be spending a lot of time trying to survive flawlessly during those few levels since it’s simple to play. You also can’t go back and replay levels either, as it is one streamlined journey. Anyway there is a reset button if you want to start over from “A.”Majuscula for iOS

Moreover the controls in the game are easy enough so the users could just tap the left half of the screen to go left, and the right to go right. They actually control a bouncing orange ball and eventually if you have any interest in typography, then this game are worth checking out.